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I will introduce my services connected with English language via this page. If you want to learn English or improve your communication skills, this page is for you. I will prepare you for A level exam and help you reduce your stress before the exam.

If you need a translation of varied types of documents and texts from Slovak to English and the other way round, call me, please. You can also use a contact form (available in the section “Contact”) or social network.

About me

I have been learning English for over 20 years and during that time I gained a few certificates. I also stayed some …



Offered services may help you make clear what you are really looking for.



Any necessary contacts you find on the final page.


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Prepositions BY and UNTIL

I am excited that my blogs are useful and find their ways to more and more users.  I really try to make my grammar explanations as simmple as possible. The reasons go back to my school years.&nbs…
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