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Prepositions AT, INTO, OFF, OUT OF, TO related to the place

Many English prepositions are linked to particular verbs that preceed them. There are also a few verbs that do not take any prepositions to be connected to objects (nouns, pronouns) where they do normally in Slovak.

You find examples in the following table.

Verb Preposition Examples







America, bed, a concert etc.

Italy, my place, school etc.

the airport, London, the university etc.

hospital, school, the forest etc.

my house, Prague, the party etc.

go, get



into (inside an area)

the shop,  room, building, car

A bird flew into the kitchen.

the house, shop etc.


in ….


at …

IN the country or town: Britain, London


AT other places: the hotel, party, work

We already know that we use different prepositions with means of transport. We get in the car but we get on the bus, plain, train. Similarly we get out of the car and get off the bus, plain, train.

Some verbs do not take any prepositions, although in Slovak they do. When we learn vocabulary, we also get familiar with the preposition which is linked to the particular verb or even if this verb takes no preposition.

We do not use any preposition between objects and following verbs:

enter, discuss, marry, lack, resemble, approach etc.

See following examples:

My friend entered my room. Let´s discuss our plans. She lacks tack. The baby resembles its mother. We approached our house.



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